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IROBCB: Intl Review of Bad Children's Books

Dave Macpherson is the person responsible for this terrible idea for a review column. One would not think that you would need a weekly column to tell you about bad kid's books, but here Dave is despite the good advice given to him. He is a teacher, poet, storyteller and one time film critic. The science fiction author, Theodore Sturgeon once said, "Ninety percent of everything is crap." Judging from Dave's collection of bad children's books, we feel that the number is woefully low. Dave has no background as a critic of bad children's books, but he does seem to own a lot of them and as a storyteller, he has told many a bad story to bored children. He lives in Worcester and gets most of the books reviewed at bargain discount stores. Get in touch, tell him about how wrong he is or share a bad children's book that you know of. Add this as an LJ Friend:

-John Powers

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