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The weekend was a cliché involving jets or birds or time passing too quickly. Fun time though. My wife ran the CVS 5K yesterday, then was up today at 4am to run 10 miles. She's training for a half marathon at the end of the month. She! amazing. Me? I stuck TJ in his Yoda backpack and carried him on my back for 3 hours while we watched and hung out afterwards. Ouch my trapeziouseses. Saturday I don't recall eactly, but it involved driving somewhere... for something... I think. TJ may have napped for an extra long time too. TJ update: Signs all-done then UP when he's full and wants out of the highchair. Signed Eat for the first time when he wanted to taste my tortilla chip. Knows he should sign for things instead of pointing and grunting, but sometimes need to be reminded to 'show me', which he does with a face I recognise from my wife. He tosses a ball back and forth with me. Walks great but doesn't know about running yet.

-John Powers

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