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GP has served 8,014,519 pages since 2002 and about 4,600,000 pages this year alone. We're averaging over 700 unique people a day viewing a page and that doesn't include the search engine robots that constantly scour the net.

Question! Where can I advertise our unique offerings? What other lists or sites should I send a message to saying "Hey, check us out."?

Speakin of check us out... New today!

Chrysanthemum - a serial novel!

Sea Sponge!

Girls Want Porn Too!

It's better than poetry!

-John Powers

GotPoetry News as of Wed, 04 Oct 2006 14:22:02 GMT

NM - Central Avenue Reading Thurs. Oct. 5, Winning Coffee Co, Albuquerque
NJ - 10/7 Poetry Slam @ Collingswood Book Festival
Girls Want Porn - And Write Poetry
Chapter 40 - nude photographs; definition of courage; Real v. Pretty; skinny
NJ - QND Reading on Friday the 13th!

new old this that

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