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3 new GotPoetry column goodness. Yumm.

Stolen Snapshots!

Watch Zork's videos. They're better than Ascii!

The Zero Point Zero Regular Column!

Very much more than Nothing!

Chrysanthemum - a serial novel!

Sea Sponge!

Jamie Kilstein on video, Chapter 41 - validation; girlhips; Band v. Drunk on Chrysanthemum and Zero Point Zero: The Prepared Mind.

-John Powers

GotPoetry News as of Thu, 12 Oct 2006 01:07:28 GMT

Jamie Kilstein - Video Performance and Inteview VideoLog
Zero Point Zero: The Prepared Mind
A round up of Poetic News from around the world
CFSW2006: Slammin' with Krystle
UK - British company to offer poetry downloads

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