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Starving on a plane

The engine compressor valve stuck and stalled the engine compressor and then the engine and now I'm stuck in this plane. Starving. Waiting to be airborn so they can serve coffee and a too small snack. Waiting. For the log book to be signed. For the passengers who missed their future connections to San Juan connections in the future to Aruba to be pulled off the plane, screaming "I didn't get the coffee." Classy. Give me a muffin for my troubles. Entitled. Give me back my liquids. Luddite. I'd like a cookie bigger than a thumbnail. Skinny. I'd like this asshole to stop fake snoring sarcasm sitting next to me. Asshole. Sign the log book. Cut out the all for show shoe removal. You scan my laptop but ignore the case of Narraganset beer in my luggage wrapped in computer wires. No suspicion there. The snack. Corporate employee. The snack. Give me the snack before we lift off! No one will make you fill out the forms.

-John Powers

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