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It was 64 degrees out today in Rhode Island and I heard it was a near blizzard in Texas. Apologies to the nice texas people I know. I just finished a review of a poetry book submission to GP. Someone else is sending one my way I understand. I'm standing here at the bus stop. Waiting for the 20. This guy and his little 2 or 3 year old son gets off the bus. Father lugging a stroller. The boy hops down the 3 stairs. Rubber step to blinky heeled sneakers - skip skip skip. The father was holding his son's hand while he folded out the stretcher. It was adorable until he lifted the boy up in the air by his sweatshirt colar and little arm and dropped him in the stroller. Before and after. Love and missing my son to thoughts of abuse and neglect all in how he lifted that little blond boy. Big tough guy dressed like a thug. But I don't know for sure, now do I? I never lift my son that way...

-John Powers

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