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Been a while since a proper update. Today I am 35 years old. TJ is just over 16 months old. I recently got another promotion at work. I've been there 8 years already... Its supposed to be 60 degrees out today. Good thing we put in the new boiler last week. Soccer is going ok. I played goal last time without any protective gear because of our goalie not being there. I'm cut up and a good sore. Christmas is at our house this year again. I love that. TJ is a lot like a boy now. He knows every sign in his book and reproduces half of them. A few temper tantrums so far, but they're not terrible. We're trying to help him not get frustrated and being small and without choices. Somedays he eats like a bird. Parenting is fun. I need to finish reading the 1 to 2 year old book. Anne is great. I'm lucky to have her in my life.

-John Powers

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