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Waiting for Bus #20

(or why you should only drink at night and always go to work)

There he was waiting for the 20
dirty frayed coat, sorta white pants

sorta white but dirty

dirty bum
standing at the 20, Kennedy Plaza,

crowd of people
businessmen in business casual coats,

clean pants
waiting to go home and impregnate

businesswomen with business casual pussies
waiting to go on maternity

little girls in High School squawking
with Nokias

and the skinny little boys
standing around with football pads

and there he was
the dirty

dirty bum
unzipping his fly,

whipping out his cold dick,
and pissing near the the black kid's white

Splattering on those white Adidas...

wondering if I should punch the bum,
knock him in the head

or tell the boy
watch him punch the bum.

I kept it to myself, got on the bus
made it to work.

Checked my voice mail.
Had my coffee.

Took a piss in the sink.

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-John Powers

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