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If you haven't seen lately, then you've missed our redesign. Much more white space, much less clutter, popular content is highlighted and organization abounds. As for me, my wife and I went to dinner last night. The first time in ages. So nice. I keep biting my mouth. Ouchy. At exactly 16 months a switch flipped in TJ and he became a well behaved, communicative, helpful crazy boy. He loves to help around the house and he roars like a lion on request.

-John Powers

GotPoetry News as of Fri, 16 Feb 2007 14:22:44 GMT

Learn How to Write Poetry
MA - Boston Poetry Slam Presents National Champion Sonya Renee
Ballard Street Poetry Journal Workshops & Events
CN - Ontario - Lost Lounge hosts poetry slam
DC - Patricia Smith takes DC/Baltimore by STORM!

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