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Children are walking sneeze factories

Today I left the house for the first time since last Thursday. I had Friday off because Anne was working Friday to Sunday so I had baby duty. We went to get another set of chest x-rays for TJ early this morning and then went to the doctors afterwards. The worrisome spot on his lung is gone and since he's feeling so much better, we're going to just watch him for a week and have one more checkup next week. 95% sure there's no problem. No pneumonia, no rigid bronchoscopy under anesthesia, no more worry. Also, over the weekend I got him used to his mask inhaler. Now he's at the point where he likes it. So there's no more wrestling crying torture sessions 3 times a day. His ear infection isn't going away, so 10 more days of a different antibiotic... which is fine. We'll take it.

-John Powers

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