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A day at the office

by John

what-er your readings down there?"
"Jackie what is it reading?"
"Seismic activity’s increasing.
You sure this crevasse is safe?
Wait a minute, this is my job, I am a geologist, of course it isn't safe.

What the hell am I doing here?

Jackie , lets go.
Jackie!” - "I know!
Hold on we gotta get this down, the news is waiting. We got a contract!"

Climb out of the crevasse
Damn it's cold . It should be white - ice - at least the blue green translucence,
but it's brown.
No vegetation, nothing, just dirt.
Could be Gramps garden in march.
From here I can't see the bottom - just the crevasse split into the rock jutting like a loose fist from the wrist
of this mountain,
or the prudential rock on a policy.

Musta been thinking fairytales.

The rock rumbles.
Never spent much time in California. Not sure if this is what an earthquake feels like,
feels more like the fat lady walkin past my desk. (23rd floors up and all.)
I scream to get the fuck out of there
Kaleschefski hops out of the fissure / I see the ground crack - so movie like - six inches in front of my feet
& Jackie's still down there.
Grab Kaleschefski 's hand and pull him over.

We scream over out head sets for Jackie to get the fuck out of there and the bulge is pullin away.

No sign of him, sound activated mic & we can hear the rock echo crunching,
and then the bulge falls away.

Now we hear Jackie, no scream, just "oh fuck" with the bulge slipping away,
till it hits the ledge below,

more crumbling and Jackie gettin beat up inside soundin like the wind's gettin knocked out of him,

an audible "uhh", and the bulge bounces off the cliff & I swear someone was screaming
as it fell the 15 seconds to the bottom.

Then the sound of granite crumbling, bone crunching, Jackie's gurgling scream & then just nothing.

No more static - nothing
but Kaleschefski and I
standind six inches from the newly birthed edge.

"Jackie dead."
"No fucking shit"
"Now we'll never get paid"

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-John Powers

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