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Sleep machine

I was asleep by 9 again last night, but not before Anne my wife picked me up at work with the two dogs and child and bubble machine. The dogs and I went to the dog park and Anne and the toddler hung out on the grass and made bubbles. After that we phoned in take out sushi at Uncle Sushi's and had a mini feast. For out loud words, Thomas now says bubble, purple, blue, red, Cracker, Coo Coo (as in the clock), Dad, Mom, Kitty Kat, cat, Go, Stay, Up, NO!, Yes, Whoa!, Cool, Where?, What?, Again and I'm sure a few others I can't think of right now. Oh, TJ turned 20 months old yesterday. When he learns an out loud word he mostly drops the sign for it, but not completely.

-John Powers

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