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Kittens under the floor boards

My house has a detached garage and off of the garage is a screened porch. It came that way. Its weird, but its nice in the summer at night. For a long time two or three cats have been scaling my 6 foot fence and hanging out in my yard. These cats are fed by my neighbors and kept as outdoor only cats. They're not spayed or neutered. All of this pisses me off, about everyone, the cats and the neighbors. Yesterday we were in the porch eating dinner and saw a little white and black cat peering at us through the screen. Later we were outside blowing bubbles with TJ and we saw the cat again with two little kittens! The kittens saw us and hid under the porch. The mother cat stood her ground. So the neighbor's semi feral cats have had babies under my porch. What is my solution? Start feeding these cats myself so I can capture them and have them all spayed. Will it work? Any suggestions?

-John Powers

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