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What have I been doing?

GotPoetry Note: Yesterday was the busiest day ever at GP with 65,433 page views. Thats more than we got in all of 2002. So far this year we've displayed 5,898,909 pages and over all of last year we served 6,674,644 pages. So this year we'll probably more than double again. Personally, I've been painting walls, redoing cabinets. Working a lot at work. Spending a lot of time with our son. He'll be two in August and he can repeat every letter in the alphabet. Seriously. This morning he repeated W. He know so much, like the word Buckle. I have another cold and am sick again. Didn't sleep well last night. I need need need to get out more and to hook up with my friends more. Do my friends still think of my as their friend? Its been that long in some cases.

-John Powers

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