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July 4th was fun, we went down to a lake to swim and then had a cookout lunch with some friends, left the cookout and went home to have dinner with other friends.

Going back to work was hard after a mid-week holiday, but on Friday I took a half day off to replace my garage door opener. The new one had the same footprint as the old dead opener so it only took me a few hours to wire and install. It works like butter now. Before the old one died it would go all the way down, pause and then head back up a few minutes later. It was over anxious to welcome us home.

Saturday we went to two cookouts. One at a friends in my home town, the other at my cousin's house.

Sunday we had a cookout and since my old grill mostly died and since new grills were on sale 20% off I bought a new one. 4 burner with a side burner frying, etc. Easy quick assembly took 3 1/2 hours. Its silver and big and I love it.

The cookout was for both sets of parents. After I gave up putting the new grill together I hooked up the old one and cooked. While we were waiting we dressed TJ is the shirt you see in the picture and had Anne's mother read it. They couldn't believe it. Its true, Tommy is going to be a big brother. We're going to have another baby in February!

-John Powers

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