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5 new Columns this week at GP

This week there are five new columns on poetry and other poetic topics up at GotPoetry by authors such as Tony Brown, Scott Woods, Deb Powers, Beverly Wilkerson, and Dave Macpherson. Check them out below.

Zero Point Zero
[Zero Point Zero: Kicking an Addiction: It's been a while since I put together one of these columns, and I'm not sure why I'm doing one now. I'm not ready to write one, at least in my own mind.

Poetry Is Doomed
Poetry is Doomed #7: Is it okay if my eulogy poem is bad?: Sometimes poets have to be less poet and more shaman....

Girls Want Porn Too
Change It Up: Are you a planner or a doer? Most of us have a particular style with which we approach writing poetry. Following that approach habitually can make it very easy to write poetry in a consistent style.

The Bell Curve
Make Art Not War: One thing that I think anyone who participates in a regular poetry reading would have to admit is that eventually, there is going to be some drama. Art is quite simply driven by the snowflake and fingerprint individuality of human emotions.

Intl Review of Bad Children's Books
The Laughing Book: Inhale this Book: I must admit, I’ve been blue lately. Unhappy. Unsure. Unmotivated. Just plain un. I haven’t smiled in weeks. I need help. So my plan is what we do here at the Intl Review of Bad Children’s Books...

-John Powers

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Zero Point Zero: Kicking an Addiction

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