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Boys weekend

My wife is away this weekend, so it's a boys weekend. This morning we got up early because thats what 23 month old boys do. They get up at 6:30 the latest on weekend. We ate a breakfast of toast and cheese and then took the dogs for a walk. After that we got in the car and drove to the playground at Pawtuxet Village. Then we came home after an hour and a half for lunch and then a nap. While I was making us lunch, TJ fell from the bottom of the stairs and gave himself a black eye. We'll see what it looks like tomorrow but right now it looks like it will be a good shiner. Totally my fault for not paying attention. After a 3 hour nap, TJ woke refreshed and black eyed. We had a snack and then went to get him a hair cut at the kids hair cut place. There are TV's at each hair cutting station and all sorts of fun things. TJ bawled the whole time he was getting clipped. I chalk it up to the hair stylist blowing too many bubbles in his face... and a sore eye. I did worry they were going to call DCYF on me for allegedly beating the boy, but I took the risk. After the hair cut we went to Chucky Cheese. In about an hour he burned through 5 dollars worth of tokens on the types of kids rides they have outside supermarkets. After that is was time to come home, eat some dinner, play in the kiddy pool in the back yard, read some stories, sing some songs and bed for the boy. I'm now watching baseball on TV. I wonder what tomorrow will bring? Perhaps we'll clean and then go to the zoo seeing as it's 2 miles away from our house.

-John Powers

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