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Time off

We took 4 days off and went north to stay at the cottage on the lake. Me, my wife, 2 year old son, fetus and two dogs all loaded into the car and drove up on Friday morning. I forgot my wallet and a few other things at home and had to have the bank help us out from a rest area on the side of the highway. It was either do the phone banking transfer or turn around and lose time by going back home. Once we got there it was cold. Late September cold. 4 days off from work, being with family, relaxing, reading paper books, no internet, seeing a model jet show at the airport up the road, visiting friends and going to a polish picnic at the PACC... all good stuff. TJ wouldn't sleep. He cried and refused to sleep for over 2 hours the first night until we finally gave in and let him sleep with us. From that point forward, every nap, every nighttime he would only sleep with us. It was nice in a way because he never stops moving long enough to cuddle up, but still it was even nicer to get him back to his crib at home where he went right back to sleeping on his own. Vacation was great. I came back to messes at work and at GotPoetry.

-John Powers

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