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MopyFish Cancer and Slam

I have to perform in my slam's semi finals this Thursday. Myself against 7 other poets vying for the top 4 spots so that we can get into the finals so that we can vie for the top four spots in that.

Yes, I just impressed myself by using the word vie in two forms.

You see, this is my problem. I have little motivation to try hard to make the team. I'm the person who runs the show, who coaches the team, and who makes sure we have plane tickets to go to the Nationals. All the fun stuff. Now, if I don't make the team, then I still go and I still do all of that work. By making the team all I'd be doing is giving myself one less person to deal with and cutting down on the fund raising we'd have to do because there's be one less person to go. I'd just be filling two roles.

The only reason I'm not dropping out is because I know I'm just in my annual winter doldrums and that I'll be pissed as all heck if I don't get on the team because in the spring summer and fall I really love performing. It's just winter that makes me want to hide under a blanket. For weeks. And weeks.

"John, why are you under that blanket?"

"I don't want to go."

"John, people are concerned. You can't keep hiding like this. You have to go to the meeting."

"Hey, this is my cube and I'll work however I want."

"Look, I'm your boss and it doesn't work that way."

"Sorry, John's not here. I'm just a blanket lump in an office chair."


"La la la la la la la la. Blanket lumps don't have ears. La la la la..."

Someone sent me a text message the other day telling me their horoscope sucked ass. So... Uhmm. If you don't tell me what horoscope it was, I cannot guarantee the beats known as horoscopus suckus won't rise again this Friday.

Ever hear of MopyFish? It's a virtual pet that's a fish that's sponsored by Hewlett Packard. You keep the fish alive and you get stuff for your tank. You get points for printing multiple copies of a document instead of printing it out once and walking it over the copier. If I didn't like my Mopy so much, I'd let em die and say SCREW YOU HP! You insidious marketers.

So, if you have a MopyFish of your own, type eat me and hit enter then type drink me and hit enter while it is on the screen. Mopy tricks. You're welcome.

So I'm helping to cure cancer and find an antidote for anthrax. I downloaded this client software that uses my spare CPU cycles to see if certain molecules fit into cancer and anthrax proteins. If a molecule fits, then there is a chance it can be turned into a drug. I've been running the software for almost a month and my software has returned 7 result sets so far. Check it out at

It's activism and volunteer work rolled into one at literally no cost and even less effort.

Perfect for my current motivation level.

Which, from the view under this blanket, is near zero.

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