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I have to Slam tonight

So I have the semi finals slam tonight. I'm in the semifinals, so I'm having my friend Ray fill in as host. I don't quite yet know who's going to be scoring and helping Ray run the show and I'm betting I'm going to have to pull double duty instead of just sitting down and enjoying a show for once.

All the worst case scenarios keep going through my head.

"What if the computerized scoring crashes again?"

"What if some people in the semi's don't show up?"

"Am I going to suck? I haven't been performing that much these past few months..."

To sum it all up, I've written a short "Pick Your Own Worst Case Scenario" - just to make it interesting.

I'll let you know how it goes - as well deliver my weekly horoscopes - tomorrow.

Pick Your Own Worst Case Scenario

You are in a club called AS220 watching a poetry slam - transfixed by the host filling in for johnpowers who's on the stage wearing nothing but a box surrounding his genitals and buttocks like a square. cardboard. loin cloth.

The box has scrawled on it "Host in a box."

Searching for irony in that phrase you find none and listen as the host continues "Hi, I'm Ray Davey"

"So What!" the crowd yells back.

Without even pausing for a beat he continues "and next up in the Slam Semi Finals we have a poet from last year's team..."

"Brrring brrring" - your cell phone begins to ring.

Do you reach in your pocket and turn it

or do you it and see who it is?

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