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An Ode to Dave Eye Inkpen

Dave Inkpen made this. Dave Eye from Worcester narrated a belly-aching poem about a football game between The Apostles and The Giants. Lot’s wife, for instance, played center and was reduced to a pillar of salt which resulted in lost yardage. Noah, a linebacker, made several sacks with his Ark-style defense. The Quarterback for the disciples was, of course, “Jesus ‘the Rocket’ Christ.” With his no huddle offense, he made a final drive for the end zone: “The Savior fades back, avoids a tackle by Judas, and throws A Hail Mary pass to the Pope, touchdown for the Pontiff!” The Green Mill’s Maria McCray then read a moving poem about her grandmother, a hero who had many “children and one husband to raise.”

Oh Dave Eye, I wish I could be a taller whiter much less cooler but still wants to be the next Dave Eye of the new millennium version of you.

When will you be touring in my town?

Can I join your fan club?

See! Even my cursor is a Dave Eye... thing.

Dave Inkpen, I sincerely hope to receive your reply.

Call Zack. Now. 401.351.1983

Telemarketers feel free to call Zack as well.

Members of the Posse, please prank Zack's house. This will get our friend Mr. Eye to call to call him back.


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