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Every Wednesday I become the Answer person. If you need advice or need the answer to something, click on this € advice link and I will do my best to express.

Oh, I found out my motorcycle is in a town 1/2 hour awway and I have to pay another visit to another police station to now find out where it actually is. Joy.

name: beernerd doogan
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why is john powers running the hardest poetry sight on the net? why isn't this my homepage? why is the sky blue? why is water wet? why did judas grab the romans while jesus slept? who _is_ the son of sha clack clack?

why is john powers running the hardest poetry sight on the net?

Someone has to.

why isn't this my homepage?

You haven't clicked this link yet to instantly do it for you.

why is the sky blue?

Blue light gets scattered (spread) around much more than all the other colors from the sun, causing the sky to appear blue.

why is water wet?

Water isn't wet. Wetness is a description of our experience of water; what happens to us when we come into contact with water in such a way that it impinges on our state of being. We 'get wet'. Have you ever noticed that you cannot feel water's wetness if you hold your hand perfectly still while it is submerged? 'Wet' can only be sensed by the movement of a fluid over the skin. Any fluid. Even the wind is wet.

why did judas grab the romans while jesus slept?

He was consumed by a seed that doesn't grow with water: greed.

who _is_ the son of sha clack clack?

This answer is held in the 4th Chamber next to the liquid sword guarded by the genius f/, a ghostface killah, a killah priest, and the RZA. However that is irrelevant, because the question is not to ask, but to do.

name: Piper
email: froot_loops_killer@yahoo.com
When I was in high school, I was in video tech. In our studio, there was a useless trap door in the middle of the floor... we decided that Jimmy Hoffa lived down there, and plastered a huge sign on the floor that proclaimed it so.

So apparently, my question would be... what do *you* think really happened to Jimmy Hoffa?

Jimmy hoffa was killed by the mob. His friend what's his name helped abduct him, and he is either chopped up and spread throughout the ocean or buried someplace in concrete at the bottom of Shea Stadium or some place like that. He'll never be found.

name: Sally
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what happens when we die? i'm worried about bad karma because i am a hateful person, i'm also worried about going to hell, what do you suggest i do about my worries? they are causing me to lose sleep and yell at strangers.

A hateful person named Sally... you're not my ex-girlfriend are you?

I've answered this before. I am sure of it. I'm going to have to start a FAQ.

Anyway... What happens when we die. Generally, one, two or three of three things.

1) Decomposition. Ashes to ashes dust to dust. Everything stops and our medals begin to rust. It's pretty self explanatory.

2) We move on to the afterlife where we are judged based on the mortal life we lived.

3) Reincarnation. We come back as something.

Now, generally everyone agrees on the first part of #1. We lose our mortal body. But what does happen after we draw our last breath?

Those who believe in reincarnation usually believe in the afterlife, it's just that you're in the afterlife for a while and then you go back to the...life.

So what happens? No one knows, but if there is an afterlife the 'afterlife scientists' out there - those who have studied cultures throughout the ages and across the world - have come up with a set of universal agreements. Basically, the best guesses of the experts - to what happens after we die if we do go on to something else instead of just stopping like California in a power outage - are:

Relating to karma and those who 'are going to hell'

• The state of mind at the point of death is crucial. Some pass over consciously and are fully aware of the loved ones who come to welcome the new arrival; others are unconscious and are taken to a special place of rest like a hospital or rest home. Anyone who has been sick for some time will need time to readjust their mental picture of themselves.

• There is no such thing as heaven 'up in the sky' or hell 'down below': the location of the afterlife does not change from the earth plane — different spheres interpenetrate — from the highest vibrations to the lowest.

• Those with dogmatic, unalterable fixed ideas about what to expect immediately after death are likely to experience serious problems.

• Those who were consistently evil are either left alone or are met by those others of the same very low vibrations, with the same very low spirituality to be attracted to the darker lower spheres.

• Those who on earth were deeply caught in habits and vices — tobacco, alcohol, gambling, drugs or overindulgence in sex can get caught on the astral level and will not progress until they are prepared to give up these habits.

• Energy - a universal law — positive or negative — is a 'boomerang'. When you send out good energy towards someone that good energy is returned sooner or later. If you send out negative energy by unfairly being dishonest against someone, or by cheating or lying or harassing or discrediting or causing harm to someone - that kind of negative energy will inevitably return to you.

• 'You will reap what you sow' is the recognized universal spiritual law. Karma means you will not get away with it. All negative deeds against others have to be experienced for the purpose of 'continuous spiritual refinement.'

• Every thought, every word and deed is recorded ... you will be held accountable ...

• Abuse of power and systematic harassment of others are two of the most karmic actions. Horrific karma awaits those whose task it was to protect society but themselves willfully abused their power, indulged in willful transgressions and caused harm and injury to others.

• You will NOT be excused for your evil behavior by claiming that you were just obeying orders.

• Cruelty — mental or physical against humans or animals — is highly karmic and is never justified.

• It is guaranteed that those who consistently abuse and harass others will have to face their victims, in the afterlife before severest retribution.

• After the severest retribution of those who intentionally harassed and deliberately violated other peoples' rights, the transgressors will have to apologize and seek forgiveness by the victims before they are allowed to make any progress.

• Hell for eternity and eternal damnation were invented by men to manipulate the hearts and the minds of the unaware — they do NOT exist. Whilst there ARE lower spheres in the afterlife which are particularly dark, unpleasant and even horrific — some call them 'hell'— ending up there is NOT for eternity. The universal Law of Progress ensures that at some time in the future those with lower vibrations will eventually, even if it takes eons of time — centuries even thousands of years — obtain higher vibrations and graduate to the higher spheres.

• Deathbed conversion? We have been and we are repeatedly being informed by Higher Sources that immediately after we die our vibrations do not change — not even if one repents shortly before death. We take with us the accumulated vibrations (spirituality) we gained or lost during our whole lifetime on earth. Baptism, repentance are absolutely meaningless as a way of getting ' a better deal ' immediately after death.

• Selfishness is one of the greatest transgressions against spirituality and is highly karmic.

• What will happen to a person who suicides will depend on a number of things. Motivation is always very important. For example, there will be a big difference if one commits suicide because of inevitable death and one who suicides to avoid responsibilities. Those who take their own lives to avoid problems and responsibilities are likely to increase their problems and responsibilities in the afterlife.

• Self responsibility — ultimately, you yourself are responsible for all acts and omissions during your time on the earth plane.

Relating to the 'Decent Folk'

• Love, unconditional love, is the most powerful force known in the universe.

• Unconditional love is the irretrievable link with our loved ones in the afterlife.

• Decent folk are met by their loved ones — soul-mates are reunited. Higher Intelligences inform us that in the afterlife our appearance can regress to our best age —for most people from the early- mid twenties.

• Loved ones from the afterlife, recently arrived and others, do have the power to visit loved ones still living on earth.

• Recently arrived loved ones, usually within three months of transition, are permitted to transmit visually — by way of dreams or by apparition and other means — evidence that they are still alive.

• The kind of life to be lived in the afterlife — beauty, peace, light and love which awaits decent folk is unimaginable.

A few other interesting observations:

• Atheists, agnostics and others may not be encumbered from passing on to the higher spheres — what they did in their lifetime and the motivation for what they did will be important not what they believed in.

• Not participating in religious rituals e.g. baptism, confessions and non-belief in creeds and dogmas does NOT encumber anyone from attaining higher spiritually and the higher afterlife spheres.

• Some hallucinogenic drugs have the potency to lift the duplicate out of the physical body. Seen by entities from the afterlife, drug takers, '... have pathetic looks as if they had no soul ... they are vacant behind the eyes. When out of the body other lower entities try to enter the drug-taker's body — then you have possession.'

A big ass list of sources for all the death obsessed and or curious

Nature's Mind: the Quantum Hologram | The Museum of Talking Boards (Ouija boards) | Quantum Mind 2000 | Enlightenment In Our Time | Why Would A Scientist Pray? | Jeffrey Mishlove | Nature of the Greater Reality | World ITC | Nationa l Association of Transcommunication - Brazil | American Association Electronic Voice Phenomena | German Association for Transcommunication Research | The Spiritual Science Foundation | Carmine Mirabelli 1889-1951 | Helen Duncan's official web site | Paranormal Voices | George Anderson's Web Site | John Edward Website | Stephen O'Brien - Survival Evidence and Life After Death | The Arthur Findlay College | Jeff Rense Archives - Jan 15th 2001 | Joseph McMoneagle's Remote Viewing | CIA-I nitiated Remote Viewing at Stanford Research Institute | Alex Tanous Foundation for Scientific Research | The International Association for Near-Death Studies | Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife | Insight 2000 Interview with Dr Elizabeth Kubler-Ross | Dr Melvin Morse Near Death Experience Research | The University of Virginia School of Personality Studies | After-Death Communications | Deathbed Visions | Children's Past Lives Research Center | In Another Life- Reincarnation in America | Survival After Death - Campaign for Philosophical Freedom | Debunking Common Skeptical Arguments Against Paranormal and Psychic Phenomena | Parapsychology and Personal Survival After Death | Silver Birch Anthology | Noah's Ark Society for Physical Mediumship | Insights Into the Afterlife - 30 Questions and Answers on What to Expect | On the Edge of the Etheric - Survival After Death Scientifically Explained | There is no Death | Brazilian Spiritist Federation | Afterlife 101

name: Nicholas
url: http://philoso-fuss.diary-x.com
I have a question but I also have a burning unnatural desire to constantly be original. In the spirit of this desire I'd like to formulate my question as an answer to a question. I'd then like you to reply with the question for my answer. May I?

You may


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