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been sick lately.

Turns out I had strep throat. A full day of penicillin and the pain is gone... nine more to go.

Turns out the dog reacts to my being sick worse than Jen does. Lots of messes while I've been napping.

I'm sicker over IRAQ. Personally, I feel if the Bush administration didn't start alienating the world from the moment they stole power in the currupt election, we'd have a consensus among nations for removing Saddam.

messes messes everywhere...

The physics of the IRAQ mess

Action: The Bush administration abandons the Kyoto Global Warming Treaty with little sympathetic regard to other nations' concerns about climate-changing greenhouse gases.

Reaction: Other nations show an equal but opposite lack of sympathy that climate changes in Iraq could soon make it too hot for U.S. troops to launch military operations on the ground.

Action: The Bush administration abandons the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty with Russia, insisting on spending billions on a missile defense shield PROVEN to be inadequate against a single missile with multiple war heads.

Reaction: Russia shows an equal but opposite regard for the Bush administration point of view that Iraq is hiding weapons of mass destruction and intends to use them against the U.S.

Action: The Bush administration abandons talks with Mexico about normalizing immigration across the US / Mexican borders after the 9/11 attacks - after a former deal is nearly in place. Bush never meets with the Mexican president again.

Reaction: Mexico shows an equal but opposite regard for Bush's request for Mexican support in the Nato security council.

I'm sure no one cares about this news story either... people probably feel she got what she deserved... read every article below and then decide or just ignore it like a good little lazy American. I prefer Working for Change's version to the Conservative Post's.

American Is Killed By Israeli Bulldozer
Washington Post - Student Was Protesting Demolitions Washington Post Foreign Service Monday, March 17, 2003; ...
Israeli army enters Gaza camp BBC
At least five Palestinians killed in Gaza Strip; Israel arrests Palestinian legislator Albawaba Middle East News
Working for Change - News24 - ABC Online - Sydney Morning Herald - and 497 related »



If the old white men in power would allow politics to be as entertaining as sports, the U.S. would be close to a utopia. Of course with responsibility comes power and since power corrupts, this isn't in any politician's best interest.

I need a nap.

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