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I'd like for us to stop
by the Roger Williams park zoo
for an hour

or so.
There's a live butterfly exhibit

I've read about it
and I'd like to see it
with you.

A large pavilion of butterflies
flying free that we can walk through.
Flowers in Flight!

Cosmopolitan orange and brown Painted Ladies,
Eastern Black Swallowtails…
a cobalt blue and sulfur yellow…

whatever you call it!
a Gulf Fritillary looking like…
whatever it looks like - exactly

but there will be butterflies!
butterflies everywhere: on the ground, in the air,
hiding in the shrubbery, attached to the netted "ceiling"

and the plants! Flowers in Light!
"someday we might grow a butterfly garden,"
we could learn about what they eat -

what to plant so the butterflies would come to see us
just to see how beautiful we are -

one would land on you
I would tell you the butterfly sees you as I do-
a flower who’s skin smells like vanilla and rain

I would whisper “my life was a chrysalis”
before I met you.
You would remind me that I made my own decisions.

I would confess that you were my spring
and our seasons never have to end.

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