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Soccer snipe boxing

This weekend my loved one and I played soccer. We're on my company's coed soccer team and even though she doesn't work with me, we need females to play, so she was a shoe in to get on the team.

The team is great, half of the people never played before and we could care less. We're having fun, it's fun, and fun will be had if we have to break our ankles to do it!

Sunday we went letterboxing. Basically you follow sometimes poorly written clues to find some sort of box with a book and a stamp inside it. You're supposed to stamp your letterboxing book with the stamp in the box you just found and then mark the book in the box with a stamp of your own along with your name. So far it seems to me like an interesting way to distract yourself from the fact you're on a long ass hike.

There was one we tried to find the other day at Waterplace park where they do waterfire in Providence. After we couldn't find it, we did some research and found out it was stolen. Then yesterday we tried to find one at the Cumberland Monestary, coundn't and found out that one may or may not be stolen as well. We took the dogs along, so at least we tired them out in the process.

I don't know. If I don't find one in the next couple of tries I'll be forced to put letterboxing in the same category as the snipe hunt.

Damn Boy Scouts.

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