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Robert Novak, the syndicated columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times who also has a show on CNN, published a covert weapons of mass destruction focused CIA officer’s name in a July 14 article, and has refused to reveal the identities of the two senior administration officials who he said gave him her identity and occupation.

At the center of the controversy is whether these White House officials leaked the name of the agent who is Ambasador Wilson’s wife in retaliation against him for having publicly refuted the president’s State of the Union claim that Iraq tried to buy enriched uranium in Africa as part of its nuclear weapons program.

The leak of the woman’s name is a possible violation of several federal laws.

In addition, The Washington Post reported Sunday that two top White House officials allegedly also called at least a half-dozen journalists and revealed the information. Those journalists’ identities have not been determined. But in a memo which directed White House staffers to preserve all records of communications with “any member or representative of the news media” about Wilson or his wife, specifically named were Novak and two reporters for the New York newspaper Newsday, Washington bureau chief Timothy M. Phelps and staff writer Knut Royce.

... and the Republican's are saying it's not a big deal. It's more Bush Bashing. More political manuevering - and the question comes up again, if this President was named Clinton, what would they be calling for? If the leak came from President Clinton's White House, wouldn't they be charging he's not serious about the Nation's security?

A covert weapons of mass destruction focused CIA officer’s name was released as purported punishment of her husband critic... think about that.

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