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The capacity of human beings to bore one another seems to be vastly greater than that of any other animal.

-- H. L. Mencken

In 1988 the next town over from me had an artist, John Reckner, also an Oxford, Massachusetts mailman, who organized the first jack o' lantern spectacular in Oxford, MA. here were 185 jack o' lanterns in that first event, all carved by local residents and displayed on a hillside behind the hight school.

This past Saturday, he had to turn away 30,000 people Saturday night alone at Roger Williams Zoo in Rhode Island.

Last night we went to see it. It was cool. We got there at 5 PM and waiting until 6 near the front of the line. By the time we had our tickets, the line on a Tuesday night extended out the zoo's front entrance a mile away.

Something like 150,000 people are seeing the pumpkins this year.

Talk about a line of terror.

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