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6 months' and a Vacuum

We got a Dyson Vacuum - the Animal. It is by far the best vac I've ever used. It's so good I found myself vacuuming the walls. I vac'd the moldings, the frames of the doors. Baseboard heat: vacuumed. Window sills: vacuumed. Couch, chair, tops of picture frames: vacuumed. I vacuumed. I opened all the windows. I then got out the carpet steamer and then steam cleaned the carpets.

This all has nothing to do with today being me and my wife's six month anniversary.

6 months ago today Bill MacMillan married the two of us with the sea behind us and with a wonderful and requested bridge metaphor. After we both said "I do" and after Bill said "Man and Wife" and as we turned to face our guests a cannon across the bay went off. The crowd oo'd, the cannon started it's sailboat's race, and my wife and I started the rest of our lives oo'ing at ah'ing ourselves every once in a while at our own good fortune.

I am so very happy.

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