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Child Dedication

Today was the Child Dedication for Tommy our son. Since Anne and I gave the finger to the catholic church and eventually joined a Unitarian church, we have noticed a few things that are different between the two churches.

1) Catholic churches think all 'gays' are evil and being gay is something that can be cured if the 'sick' person would just pray harder. Unitarian churches accept everyone and celebrate people as they are.

2) Unitarian churches have very little Jesus talk. I've heard a Unitarian minister use the sermon time to talk about Henry David Thoreau's work, and another time Baudelaire even came up. Catholic churches Priests use the sermon to remind the catholics that they should hate 'the homosexuals' but Jesus loves everyone.

So we're happier going to a Unitarian church. It fits in with our world view. My belief is that Jesus, whoever he was, would not judge people the way the Catholic Church does. He would be accepting of everyone, and everything I've read and heard (esp. through my 12 years of Catholic School) tells me he'd be pissed at Rome.

3) A catholic church calls it a baptism, a Unitarian church calls it a child dedication.

All I know is we had everyone get together today and then we had a big ass catered party afterward at the house.

Tommy was dedicated today. Friends, family and some people I think I know got together and said praise be to Science or God or Random Chance and thanks for the end result being a wicked cool baby.

Then we ate egg plant lasagna, peppers and sausage, cal zones, Caesar salad and Chicken Marsala.

Then we drank little 7oz Coronas, 7oz Heineken's and a few different kinds of Merlot, Cabernet, "Oh, and that Zinfandel stuff for my mom."

Then we said thank you for being born Tommy.

(Tommy, thank you for being the reason for this party. You're a great son.)

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