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Holy new bus route

Holy, Holy, Holy, Hozana in the highest, thank you heavenly Father for helping me to drink 3 cups of coffee before I left the door and thank you for making Bus #1 late and thank ou for giving me a mouth and a voice to come out of that mouth to ask the somewhat normal looking guy if the bus he was waiting for went downtown. Thank you for making it go downtown, even if its only once a day at 7:30. So thanks, now can you do something about the Republican party and the Church? This new route is comparitively empty of people, almost everyone on it is in work clothes. Its quiet too. No swearing, no screaming kids, no yelling bus driver telling people to get in the back AND it picked me up on the corner of my street! Not a 10 minutes walk away like the 20. I called RIPTA last year when we moved and asked them about this route and they basically said it didn't exist, that it wouldn't stop for me. Bastards. I've missed out on a year of calm pleasant rides to work all from my front door. Hopefully I don't get dropped off in Newport. -John Powers - News for Poets. Place to write.

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