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Wow, I'm getting excited. Am I no longer burnt out?

The Poet's Asylum Home again.

Going back to the poetry series where he first took the poetry stage, John will be featuring his new and not too very old work for his home state's audience this Sunday June 11th.

John has run various poetry readings and poetry slams over the years including the Moonstruck Cafe poetry reading in Charlton, MA and the DownCity Poetry Slam in Providence. He was the Slammaster of the Providence Poetry Slam for 4 years and he currently is a curator of the GotPoetry Live! weekly poetry reading in Providence RI.

He has competed on 2 Providence National Poetry Slam teams (1998 and 2001) as well as organized the 2000 National Poetry Slam held in Providence but no longer slams. "Someday perhaps, but for now I'm focusing on GotPoetry and my family."

Since handing over the reigns to the Providence Poetry Slam, John has been focusing his poetic energies on running the International Poetry Portal website and its Live poetry reading. He has also married, had a son and learned how to clean out the rain gutters of a home. He now lives just outside of Providence RI with his two dogs and family.

"I will be performing pretty much all new work at this feature," he says. Hopefully its true as he hasn't featured in several years now. "I've been writing a lot and publishing the occasional poem of mine at I'll be reading the good ones. Most recently I've written a bio and article about. I don't plan to do that too much more though." John goes by the name Gotpoety at his site Gotpoetry. "Pretty clever..." You can read some of his more recent work in the poetry section under his online name.

John indicated how excited he was to be featuring again and that hopefully it would inspire him to read out more often. In the meantime you can catch him every Tuesday night at the Reflections Cafe GotPoetry Live poetry reading.

The Poet's Asylum show runs out of the Java Hut at 1050 Main Street in Worcester MA and starts about 7:30 PM. See the Poets Asylum web page for more details.

-John Powers

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