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What a great long holiday weekend. On Saturday we went apple picking with friends and their 7 month old son. We have a great picture of TJ and him in a pumpkin bin. After the picking of apples we went visiting my relatives in MA, but none of them were home so we went to Sturbridge for candles and the to Auburn where I looked at a motorcycle. MMMMM. Sunday was Mr. Fixit day. Replaced: Screen door piston, pantry latch. Repaired: Fence gate, worn light cover plate. Various odds and ends taken care of. Nice long walk with the dogs and TJ and wife after football game was over. Monday we ran 2.5 miles in the morning and stopped at a yard sale on our cool down walk home. We bought a trailer kid carrier for TJ. Its hard to describe it, but if you've seen it you know. After that we went for a nice drive and then when we came back I mowed the lawn. Planted the potted hydrangia. Today I'm a bit sore.

-John Powers

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