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nothing false and possible is love...

(AH hahaha! Fantastic In other news I worked 12 hours today minus a bit at home for dinner and a swing by Reflections to drop off a microphone clip and the sign up book. Tommy talks now, we just don't speak his language. Interspersed with 'crackurrrr' and 'cook ee' and 'shoes' and 'kitty kat' and 'up' is a whole intelligible free flowing language. We just haven't found the 18 month old Rosetta stone. Once we find the Crayon scribblings next to L33T Sp33k next to 18 month old babbling on the side of a Pampers box and we'll know what he's saying.

-John Powers

GotPoetry News as of Wed, 14 Feb 2007 03:34:45 GMT

Poetry Is Doomed #5: When Legends Go Bad - Nikki Giovanni's Acolytes
The Astronaut's Wife: Poems of Eros and Thanatos
NM - the Painted Horse Poetry Slam put out to pasture
CA - Woman's stroke unleashed a poet
SC - 00 First Prize at Spine Tingling Slam in Spartanburg on 2/24

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