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After a few days the mother cat had only 1 kitten left. Not sure what happened to the other one, but I guess an outside cat's kittens don't do too well. The mother cat took the kitten across the street to the neighbors house, and when I told the neiighbor the kitten was under his stairs now, and there were at one point 2 kittens under my porch, he said 'Oh, she usually has her kittens in the back yard, We take them to the pound because the always disappeare after a while.' So... get your cat spayed and keep it in the house, or if you can't have a cat in the house you rent, DON'T KEEP A CAT. Annoying. I finished the garden today. Went to the plant sale at the Co-Op Land Share gardens in Providence, said hello to the Mayor, bought Cucumbers, Pumpkins, Gourds, and Melon plants along with some Annuals for the flower boxes. Planted everything along with the Lettuce, Spinach, string beans, and tomatoes. Planted 4 hanging tomatoes and 1 hanging cucumber. This year I'm trying 2 hanging Yellow Beans

-John Powers

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