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On skipping past the World Series of Poker

Why is Poker on ESPN? What is athletic about playing cards? Nothing I say. Out of shape or buff. Six foot ten or four foot eight. All you need to play poker is a strategic mind, a pair of dumb looking sun glasses and a weird name like Ram Vaswani or Parris "Dutch" Holmes. A sport requires sweat. It requires timing, muscle memory and exerting yourself as well as strategy. Chess is not a sport. It is a game. Poker is the same. Its all mind. Scrabble? A game. Poetry Slam is not a sport either. That activity is all upstairs no matter how much effort you put into swinging your arms on stage. Nascar is a sport in my opinion. I don't care for it, but the drivers need to have stamina, team work with their crews and the mental ability to not accidentally turn right after going left in a circle for 180 miles. I really wish it weren't but I'd rather watch it than poker. Honestly, I'd rather watch Badminton or Professional Lawn Jarts than a bunch of guys in sunglasses sitting around a table.

-John Powers

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