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My son is two and does some favorite things I hope to never forget. Thats the problem, there's so many moments and behaviors I've wanted to remember but already don't . Right now he spontaneously runs around the house yelling, but with each foot fall his voice changes. Make a constant "Ahhhhh" noise and bang your chest, your voice will change each time you hit yourself. Thats what it sounds like. Speaking of running, every night he gets a bath because he's a two year old boy who plays outside and doesn't like to wear a lot of clothes. When his bath is done he runs away from me! Naked, across the house dripping water everywhere. I chase him down with a towel by following his wet footprints. Boo Boo's. Every bump on any body part is a boo boo that must be kissed to be better. EAT! EAT! Often he will not go to sleep until he gets one last snack. Imploring to us "Eat! Eat! EEEET!" His favorite walking action going places such as to the supermarket is to hold each of our hands and do a pull up so he's hanging in the air between us with his feet and legs held forward in front of him like an gymnast on the rings. Piggy back! "Piggy back. Piggy back. Piggy back." Until a long extended piggy back is given. Tickle tickle. He's been taught to tickle other beings. He tickles everyone and everything now. The dogs, us, his elmo, Taylor the cat... all while making goo goo gah gah noises that sort of sound like "Tickle tickle." Raspberries. See above except replace "Tickle Tickle" with actually giving things raspberries.

-John Powers

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