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Just being histrionic...

Parts of the whole diary / journal / blog phenomena bother me.

Not the journals themselves. I think it's great that writers can have an audience all their own and they don't have to rely on old rich men in Ivory Towers to get it. No longer does a poet have to be a slave to the SASE to get published and more importantly to get read.

What bothers me is the Clix sites. The Diary Emmy award sites. The vote for the best this or the best that journal and most often it has nothing to do with the writing. These sites have nothing to do with content or ideas and everything to do with High School popularity.

If you go to the bottom of this page and click on the Vote! link, you'll vote for me on the "Clix!" site. Somewhere on that page you may see a banner that says "Implied Titillation... no clothes from the neck down."

Now... the banner wasn't designed with clear sexual innuendo because I care how many hits I get, it was designed in such a way as to satirize the entire Clix idea. Clix is advertising based not on informed opinion and sound advice, but on implied titillation.

I've also just found out I've been nominated for something called a "Bitchy" for my Clix banner. Whatever the heck it is, I'm sure they don't get the joke. Why? Because anyone who would emulate the Emmy's are just perpetuating the idea that an Emmy makes sense while in fact the Emmy are just another cog in Hollywood's consumerism machine.

The Emmy's are voted for by the same people who receive the awards. These clix sites and the vomit inducing plethora of voting sites like them are exactly the same. More people with journals read other's journals than those who don't have journals read journals. Multiply the conviluded - ness of that last sentence by the ratio of writers to non writers to those that bother to vote at these sites and you'll have an idea of how pointless it all is.

Write a story. Write a poem. Record something for posterity... just get over yourselves already.

It's just an online journal.


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