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This morning I was getting ready to walk the dog and I stretched. Unfortunately as I stretched, Jen happened to walk by me. Somehow I tagged her glasses with my elbow, knocked them off her, and they broke.

I felt none of this, but I saw it happen.

Superglue doesn't glue like it used to.


So the Russian Foreign Minister Ivanov something or other says lifting of sanctions cannot be automatic like Bushy & Rummy wants, it depends on Iraq complying with previous Security Council conditions: "For the Security Council to take this decision, we need to be certain whether Iraq has weapons of mass destruction or not."

Darn pesky reasons for invading Iraq in the first place.

Anyone heard word on those large stocks of ready, deployable, immediate threat to the U.S. weapons of mass destruction?



"Yes, Mr. President, but how about those WMD's?"



For the record, I do believe they will eventually find biological weapons in Iraq. They're just going to be old, not as many of them as we were lead to believe and stored somewhere in a state that really doesn't make them much of a real threat.


Georgia my dog is well. Since I've had her, she's learned to sit, stay, stand, lay down, and dance on command. She sits much better than she dances, but I've only been working on the doggie ballerina act for a few days now.

When we're walking, I can tell her to "cross" and she'll immediately start to cross the street. Everyday after work we go to the East Side dog run. It's a large fenced and gated area at the back of Hope High school’s athletic field where I let her run around free in doggie ecstasy for about an hour.

Usually she tries to chase the grey hounds. Even after she learned to work the angles, she never catches them. She also likes to bite the collars of the other dogs. Oh, and the humping. She likes to hump the other dogs whenever possible.

It's all great fun.

After she runs for the hour, she's good from then on. It's amazing what exercising your dog will do for it's mental state.

It's amazing what watching 15 dogs run around for an hour will do for yours.


The cat still hates the dog, but he's resigned to the fact the dog isn't going to leave - no matter how many times he whacks her with his claws in the snout.

Georgia keep reinforcing this fact by letting the cat smack her in the snout at least 5 times a night.

Sometime I should explain how they play box kitty.

It's amazingly exciting.

Just like me.

Mr. Excitement.

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