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Yesterday it was nice to be back at work and get some rest.

Spent the weekend with my loved one's sister and her boyfriend Bob up from the land (as Bill would say, not as I would say, don't blame me) of the nearly dead and barely read:


Nice people my loved one's sister and her boy friend Bob are.

Friday night we went out to eat at Rachel's Pastanova.

Listings| Providence Phoenix
... Restaurant Guide. RACHEL'S PASTANOVA,. 71 Hope St., Providence, 351-8585.
Rachel Wills and her mom, Victoria, make pasta daily at ... - 16k - Cached - Similarpages

It's byob, so we brought two of own bottles of wine, ate mussles and lasagna, and called it a night.

Saturday morning we were up and after dog walking we took the Newport Fast Ferry for a 45 minute-ish trip to newport, lunch and the cliff walk.

After getting back from Newport we tidied up, readied for a party we were having that night and then went to Waterfire for an hour. The part was supposed to start at 8, but we made it back from Waterfire at about 8:10. We left a note, and no one seemed to show up while we were gone, so we went inside and found that we left a closet door open and the dogs were pissed at us for leaving.

The dogs, the wonderfully young and destructive dogs found a bag of birthday presents and a shoe and shredded them all.

The presents were for my loved one's godson and consisted of a crazy lego like pastic trumpet like contraption and a big plastic Tyranasaurus Rex. The shoe was, of course, my loved one's.

A quick clean up and guests start arriving.

Wine is opened. Beer is drank. Cheese, crackers, nuts, peperroni, chicken wings and other assorted snacks are consumed. Conversations insue. Dogs harass and calm down and harass and then get locked away, let loose and finally calm down. Pool is played. Tony shows up! No one else I personally know does. And around 2 am I am asleep in bed.

9 am Sunday my loved one's parents arrive for breakfast.

11 am my loved one's sister and her boyfriend Bob leave with her parents for the airport.

We spend the rest of the day cleaning and doing normal weekend stuff including watching many episodes of 24 on DVD from Netflix.

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