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Underdog update

Today and next week Disney is filming Underdog outside my office tower. Its a live action movie of the cartoon I gather. Today I saw cranes, a guy dangling from a building, 5 identical german shepherds with trainers - one standing on a gas powered motor scooter, 2 stuffed beagels with capes, one real live beagel with a cape (The Underdog?), a stunt man dressed as a grandma suspended by the crane, an old guy stunt man suspended by the crane, extras running to a manhole cover again and again, and all sorts of movie film crew stuff. Oh, a kid on the set played a lot of hacky sack and they left a fake baby on the street corner for an hour. I also worked my skinny tail off today, so I probably missed a lot. The 6 peole who spent lots of time in my cube today looking out my window could have filled me in, but by the time I made it back to my desk the whole floor had left. That was my day, glad its over. -John Powers - News for Poets. Place to write.

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