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Tommy now walks a little and signs a lot

I watched TJ all weekend. Today he decided to stand up and walk. Across the room. Across the yard. Real big boy walking. He's 80% crawl, 20% walk but seeing its the first day he's ever walked more than 6 inches on his own, its amazing. Also he now is in context signing "More", "Milk" "All Done", "Up", "Air Plane", "Water", "Kitty", "Doggy", and something that is either "Eat" or just him jamming his hand in his mouth when he's hungry. He's 13 months old, standing up rights walking to me and signing "More" and then "Milk" together making a sentence. As for audible words he says in baby talk "Trot trot to Boston, Trot trot to Lynn" from the rhyme. He said "Circles" today. He says "Kitty Cat" when he signs it. He calls "Daaa" when I walk away. And calls often for "Momma" when I'm torturing him with a diaper change or when he's thinking about her and she's not around. He's an awesome little boy. We're so lucky to have him. Its gone too fast already.

-John Powers

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