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Page Slam After many months and bringing in two outside programmers, the second programmer climbed the mountain and developed The Page Slam. Its the Mortal Kombat Poetry Slam but automated. It uses the finished poetry section for the poems to slam with. The slams can be for all poems types or for just a specific category of poems like Haiku. Haiku Death Match anyone? So its done. Its working great but still in beta. Eventually I'll create users for the great poems and do classic poets taking on all challengers, but for now it will be members verses members. I will gladly walk anyone through using this and getting your poems on in order to play. If you're interested in getting in on a big game, comment or email and we'll work out what to start with. Below are the game types. Match Play You pick the number of rounds and that defines the number of matches. Matches are paired games and the winner of each goes to the next round, so matches in each round fall by half until the final with two players. This is the traditional knockout type of tournament like U.S. baseball playoffs. Win and you move on. Lose and you are done. Face Off 1 round. You pick the number of players. The one poet with the most votes at the end wins. Deathmatch You pick the number of players. There is one less round than the number of players. So two players would be one round. 10 players would be 9 rounds. The player with the least votes in each round is knocked out, so each round has one less player than the last. Winner is the last poet standing at the end. Team Face Off Still in Development - As face off but in teams, so player scores are added together to see which team wins. Randomize Me You cannot choose or change any poem - the initial poem selection is chosen randomly and you are stuck with it to the end. Otherwise it is the same as Match Play. Team Spot Still in Development - This is Match Play in teams. One player per team is knocked out until there is only one player per team. Winning team is the one that wins the final round. Head to Head Two players battle it out over a number of rounds. The winner is the player with the highest total score over all rounds. If there is a drawn match, or equal lowest scores (Death Match) or equal highest scores (Face Off, Head To Head) then the winner is chosen at random regardless of any previous rounds. More:

-John Powers

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