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17 months old - Tommy update

The Page Slams are shaping up. This one 's poems are fantastic.

Tommy is 17 months old today. He jumps into the air if you ask him to. He runs. Everywhere. Climbs. Everything.

For words he says Mum (and its variations), Da (Dad), Uh Oh, kitty cat, up, ah ah ah!, moo, vroom, and thank you. He has said the words but not repeated: circles, milk, and hi.

When he sees me after work he gets very excited, signs for me to pick him up and latches onto me with his legs. I'm talking leg scissor grips. If I try to put him down after that he pinches he legs and feet together so I can't remove him. ITS ADORABLE. He also pats me/hugs me repeatedly. Again, adorable.

If we're holding him and someone new comes along (we we cash out at a store), when the baby sitter comes over, etc he will spontaneously start to kiss us on the lips.

He picks out his books to read at night. He eats like a bird. Sleep through the night (7 PM to 6:30 AM), takes generally 1 nap a day. If we tell him to 'go to sleep' he puts his head down on whatever is near and closes his eyes for a few seconds. Hilarious.

As for signs, he does a lot. More, milk, eat, up, bath, dog, cat, sleep, balloon, airplane, all-done, ball, book, mommy, daddy, and I'm sure a few others I'm forgetting. He knows what I'm talking about if I sign a lot of others but doesn't repeat them. We almost always sign while also speaking so at to not retard his language development.

He's a Linus. He loves his blanket and carries it everywhere, especially after waking up. Its an expensive designer one given to him as a gift, so he has good taste.

He loves his bath, so he's quite excitable to sign bath whenever it possibility arises. At night before bed. If we say 'bath', etc. He thinks things in the sky that are not airplanes are balloons - even tightly grouped flo cks of birds. We know this because he signs balloon when he sees something like that. Great teaching opportunities for him.

He has a toddler's temper and doesn't yet share well. He went through a phase where he'd hit if he got mad, but we've taught him that not how to act. Its a work in progress with the few negatives, but I guess it always will. That's what being a parent is in a lot of ways.

We play all the time. He loves big Lego's, he has several drums and a tamborine, a cow-bells, a triangle and a few piano keyed toys including a 0 synthesizer. He keep a good beat with the drums. His grandfather who was a drummer in a band for years teaches him.

He's great. He's tall and thin but with a toddler belly and currently still has a cold. We love him and are two of the happiest parents. Happy 17th month birthday, TJ.

-John Powers

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