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I think. I think a lot - and this is the result…

[this journal’s rough schedule]

¤ Monday – Today’s Headlines – my take on what’s going on. Humorous.

¤ Wednesday – Ask johnpowers. Click on the advice link and let me know what you want to know about. I'll take some most or select queries for advice and I answer them.

¤ Friday – The Jaded and Angsty Horoscopes. Advice for the 12 signs of the Zodiac according to me. Not that I put a stock in Horoscopes at all, but I put a whole lot of stock in MY Horoscopes for the weekend and you should to.

¤ The rest of the days of the week – whatever I feel like… Poems, essays, my day, who’s messing with me… you get the idea.

¤ ¤

[journal features]

¤ If you use Internet Explorer, click on the word ‘Red’ or ‘Grey’ in the upper right of the screen to change the font color of the entry you are reading.

¤ Web cam – usually boring as hell. Sometimes not.

¤ The Oracle – a Magic 8 Ball™ type of thing. Ask it a question and it gives you an answer. Click on ‘Reveal’ to share your question and answer with the world…

¤ Text Message – send me a message on my cell phone.

¤ Guestbook – the usual. Leave me messages, I like them.

¤ Advice –Need advice? Ask away, I’ll answer most likely.

• the posse – cause someone to stop and question, or for whatever reason - join the johnpowers posse.

¤ Links – Top pages viewed. Links to other stuff. Vote for my site… whatever.

¤ Change Style - You can now choose between 8 layouts. Just go to the bottom of the page, choose one, and click change style. It remembers your choice if your browser accepts cookies.

Here are some of the choices:

¤ Classic - My traditional red text on a black background.

¤ Uncle Bobish - My tribute to a daily read. It’s a bigger font for all you people who don’t like to squint.

¤ Perceptionsish - it’s very reminiscent of perceptions site - right down to never using a single capital letter.

¤ Alien - this one personally scares me. Someone might like it - in it’s my god the graphics are going to give me a seizure way.

¤ Matrix - a matrix like background.

¤ Matrix Static - Same as above with out the scrolling background.

¤ Gray on White - That’s a picture of me up top if you were wondering.

¤ Fae - just like Aliens but with Fairies. I should redo this one, it’s probably not what the person who requested it had in mind.

¤ Blueish - I like this one, it’s blue on white with a picture of Moby on top.

¤ The Guestbook saves independently from the main page, you you can have a different style for each, and if anyone has a request for a different style, let me know - I'll consider making one just for you!


[obligatory stuff about me]

¤ brown eyes (always)

¤ brown hair (sometimes)

¤ black clothes (mostly at night)

¤ tan clothes (mostly in my cube)

¤ dirty clothes (mostly on my floor)

¤ creative (always)

¤ tired (too often)

¤ non-smoker (trying)

¤ day-job (yawn)

¤ slammaster of providence (pant pant)

¤ poet (yeah yeah)

¤ 1 cat (the bestest)

¤ 1 - ½ brother (never met him)

¤ 1 step sister (met her)

¤ Sagittarius (always, but I don’t ‘believe’ in them)

¤ 6'4" (barefoot)

¤ 29 (currently)

¤ sarcastic (often enough)

¤ angry (rarely)

¤ angst ridden (apparently)

¤ jaded (who isn’t?)

¤ loves: swimming / horseback riding / long walks on the beach / being a smart ass / writing / art / truth / history / technology / nostalgia / sushi / sweetie / water / rain / snow / sleet / hail / sun / december / autumn

¤ hates: wind while I’m on land / stupid people / mint in all it’s forms

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