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Slam sounds like Spam

I am so tired, I may take extra time at lunch and just sleep. The slams yesterday were great. Yes, I said Slams and in plural as in more than one slam at AS220 yesterday. In the morning from 8:30 AM to 1 PM, I ran a show for Tolgate high school. There were 150 people listening to poetry on a Thursday morning at a club in downtown Providence. The looks on the business people in business suits was worth the day off from work I had to take to do the show. Last night was the normal slam. Lots of poets showed up, but not so much audience. I guess a big hip hop show was going on and a bunch of the usual audience was there. Still, we had over 60 people come... pretty respectable. Alixa Garcia won the slam. Seren came in second. I'm getting more tired by the minute. Soon I'll be face down on my keyboard. Still, I am looking forward t

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