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No work!

I took yesterday off way in advance because I knew I'd miss my wife when she got back from WI. It was a great day. I got up and the dirt piles the yahoo never cleaned up from my lawn, took the dogs for a 2 mile bike ride, played with the boy, had to run to the hangar because a UPS on a server died, got a family portrait taken, went to TJs 9 month Drs appointment, baby proofed the electrical outlets, cleaned the kitchen, cat boxes, and more. Busy busy. TJ is in the 50th percentile for weight and the 75th percentiles for height and head size, etc. He's already two feet five inches and pulls himself up to kneel. He'll be walking long before he's a year old. New parents should be able to take a year and a half off. -John Powers - News for Poets. Place to write.

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