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No helmet

Ben Rothlesshamburger, the NFL Steeler's quarterback had an accident on his motorcycler after a 62 year old lady took a left turn in front of him. He broke his jaw, nose, and sliced open the whole back of his head. No fucking helmet. How frigging stupid can a millionaire be? I have my motorcylce license and I have owned motorcycles almost my whole adult life. And I can count the number of time I've ridden without a helmet and each of those times was so fucking stupid. I want another motorcycle, and I know I shouldn't because of my tiny little son and my wife who need me because with a motorcycle you always have a risk, but if you don't go 100 and you wear your lid... well, you rarely get hurt. If Rothlesshamburger was wearing a helmet he'd have a sore knee. Now he's in a world of hurt. Fricking dumbass.

-John Powers

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