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When will I learn?

On politics: Ralph Nader is full of crap when he says there is too little difference between the Dems and the Radicals occupying the White House.

Guess who donated the most amount of money to Nader in 2000? Not Green Party members, it was Republicans.

I hate that this country is more and more being controlled my rich people.

On me: My tablet pc should arrive today. That would be exciting.

We lost in soccer Saturday. I couldn't play goal because of my thumb and I am out of running shape. Lieutenant and Sou had to pay the whole game as there were no female subs and there always has to be 2 females on the field in this co-ed league. So it was tough going all around. later that night we went to an 80's party where most of the people were wearing diapers in the 80's. They were cute with their sausage rolls and feathered hair. I was however hoping for at least one Don Jonson impersonator. No such luck.

On the dogs: No fights. No bites. No drama. Georgia seems to have been traumatized by her fight. Now whenever a dog snaps or growls at her, she backs off and sorta runs away. Before when that would happen she would snap back harder. Every time she gets aggressive I've been giving her a shake with a very firm "NO!", so perhaps that is sinking in as well. That and sensing my extreme pain after the fight between her and Lilly the bi-polar black lab that ripped open my thumb and caused me to lose my soccer game.

Ah well. I keep thinking about being funny, but I skipped breakfast.

No food ='s No funny.

Guess that's why those Christian feed the children commercials are so somber or why you never see a stand up from Ethiopia.

See! No food ='s No funny.

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