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Napoleon Dynamite’s Stunt Double

I take the bus to work a lot of days and I wait for it in the morning near my house. There’s also a middle school near my house. Kids pass by me as I wait at the stop. Sometimes they say things to me, but it being this day and age I always feel funny saying much back to them. Its like men being afraid to play with the kids of a friend because they worry about it being seen as creepy and them accused of ‘liking’ kids. Blame the media or Michael Jackson, but a lot of normal nice men new feel strange even talking to children. So this morning a group of girls were walking past me and one asks as she’s waking by if I go to high school. I smile and say, “No, I’m much older than that.” Then she asks as she’s still waking, “Have you ever thought about being Napoleon Dynamite’s stunt double?” I laughed, shook my head, said “No, my hair is too dark.”

-John Powers

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